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In the year 2011, the personal injury crash rate ranked at 55.4%, a 32.5% decrease from ten years ago in 2002 in the state of Michigan. While this is a positive decrease, it is still crucial to remain covered with auto insurance.

Drivers in the state of Michigan are encouraged to keep driving safely to ensure that the personal injury crash rate remains on the decline. However, even a decline in numbers will not keep the unexpected from happening out on the road. This is where auto insurance comes into the picture.

At Mt. Pleasant Agency, we can provide a variety of car insurance solutions. Here are just a few of your options:

  • Liability insurance that will protect you from property damage and injuries to others caused by you;
  • Comprehensive coverage to protect you from damages caused by things other than collision (fire, animal-vehicle collision, etc.);
  • Collision coverage to protect you from a loss during an accident involving another vehicle;
  • Medical coverage to ensure that both you and the passengers are safe from additional medical expenses as a result of injuries.

Depending on a number of factors, you may or may not need all of the above coverage options. It is best to turn to an expert before assuming, though. Our car insurance agents would be more than happy to assess and discuss your situation.

For more information on the options that our agency can offer, please contact us by calling 989-772-2977. If you would prefer to do business online, fill out our free quote form on this page. Together, we will create the perfect policy for both you and any other drivers in your family!

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