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Renters Insurance


Renters, beware! You may think your landlord’s insurance policy will protect you, but think again.

The nice thing about renting? Not having as much responsibility as a Michigan homeowner would! While this is quite a perk, it does not mean you have ZERO responsibility. You are still just as responsible for protecting yourself and your personal possessions as you would as a homeowner. Do NOT rely on your landlord for coverage! This is exactly why renters insurance was created.

Having renters insurance in place will provide coverage for following two categories:

  • Liability
  • Contents in your home

First, liability coverage will kick in if a friend, guest or even stranger is injured while inside your apartment/home/condo, etc. Any medical expenses will be taken care of instead of paying out of pocket. The last thing you need is the extra expenses or even a lawsuit! Second, if any of the contents in your home (personal possessions) are damaged due to a storm or fire, or even stolen or damaged as the result of a break-in, your renters insurance policy will be there to help you replace the items lost.

It is important to get one thing straight: your landlord’s insurance policy will not protect you from such things listed above. A landlord insurance policy is designed to cover the physical structure of the rental property and damages that happen inside (such as a leaky faucet or pipe burst).

If you are interested in learning more about renters insurance, do not hesitate to contact our agents at Mt. Pleasant Agency. We are dedicated to providing affordable and comprehensive coverage to the entire state of Michigan. So, why wait any longer? Fill out a free quote form on this page or give us a call at 989-772-2977 today!

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