Preventing Break-Ins

As an insurance agency, sometimes we are able to spot trends in crime very quickly. One thing we’ve noticed in our community and the central Michigan area recently is theft from local businesses especially as it relates to breaking & entering during after-hours. In the past week, we’ve seen a handful of occurrences and want to alert you so that you can prevent this from happening at your home or business. We know some of these are going to be really obvious, but sometimes a reminder can be helpful.

  • Lock doors and windows. In the summer months, it can be tempting to leave windows open or use a screen door to get some fresh air in. If you’re not going to be there, make sure to close and lock windows and doors. If someone really wants to get inside, they will, but if you keep them locked it makes their job harder.
  • Get an alarm system. Contact an alarm company and find out what it would cost to get a central alarm system for your home or business. If the alarm goes off, the alarm company will contact the police right away plus the noise of an alarm will oftentimes scare a burglar away. PERK: Most insurance policies offer a discount on your insurance if you have a central alarm system, so if you go this route, let us know.
  • Store valuables in a safe. Whether it’s a special piece of jewelry, some back-up cash, or personal identification (birth certificates/passports/etc.), storing items in a safe is a proactive measure you can take to protect your more important belongings. If someone does happen to get inside your home or business, they may not find your safe or be able to crack the code. Bonus points if you bolt your safe to the floor so no one can walk off with it.
  • Don’t keep large amounts of cash at home or at your business. Cash is tough to replace once it’s gone. If you keep a large amount at home or at your business, lock it up at night or take it to your bank or credit union.
  • Have motion lights installed. If a possible burglar is walking up to your home or business and the light turns on, they might change their mind and go somewhere else.
  • Look into video surveillance or motion sensing cameras. There are lots of options when it comes to video surveillance these days. It’s also becoming more accessible for homeowners who want to set it up themselves. If you don’t want to get a full blown video surveillance system for your home or business, look into some of the motion sensing cameras. They’re usually battery powered and there are cameras made for indoor and outdoor use depending on your needs. Once the camera detects motion, you get an alert on your phone along with a video of what’s happening in sight of that camera. It might just be a package being delivered to your front porch, but if it’s something suspicious, you can alert the authorities.

We hope you found these tips to be helpful. One of the biggest things we can do as a community is look out for each other. If you see something suspicious at a business or a neighbor’s house, call the police and have them check it out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.