Amy Motz Shellberg-Fisher Holding Co, Mt. Pleasant, MI
Mt. Pleasant Agency - Central Insurance has taken care of all of my insurance needs for nearly 25 years... home, auto and business and I would highly recommend them. The staff is so very helpful and friendly whenever I have questions and I enjoy working with a local, personable firm that understands my needs. They are always there when I need them. Their motto of "Insurance with Integrity" says it all!
Betty Assmann Mt. Pleasant, MI
Glad I have Insurance with them!
Bill & Phyllis Beverlin Cortez, MI
We have been with Mt. Pleasant Agency - Central Insurance for 40 years. We think they are the greatest!
Carmelina Crisci Mt. Pleasant, MI
If you're looking for an insurance company you can trust and will work very hard at getting you the best rates they can then I would recommend Mt. Pleasant Agency, Inc - Central Insurance. We have been with them for over 6 years and their professional and courteous staff have always been there for us and worked hard to make sure when our basement flooded that our needs were tended to. When I rolled my vehicle they were there every step of the way making sure that I was taken care of. I would highly recommend them for all of your insurance needs.
David Allen Allen Renovations Mt. Pleasant, MI
They were and are very helpful. I'm overall impressed with them.
Harold Hull Mt. Pleasant, MI
I was very satisfied and I would recommend Mt. Pleasant Agency to all my friends. Frankenmuth was great, too!
Jack Neyer Mt. Pleasant Realty Mt. Pleasant, MI
Thank you and your staff for all of your help during our loss. You and your firm did a wonderful job, and are greatly appreciated. Thanks to you and your great team.
Jim VanderWier Redi Rental Muskegon Heights, MI
At Redi-Rental, we have worked with Terry Kunst, Mt. Pleasant Agency, and ARA Insurance for years. We appreciate all the benefits that come along with those relationships, and plan to continue to do so for years to come. We were recently in a situation where it may no longer have been an option for us to continue with ARA Insurance. After a brief discussion with Terry, he was more than willing to write a letter on our behalf to ARA Insurance. Because of his willingness and diligence, we are still happily insured by ARA with a few changes to our coverage.
Kurt & Janelle Willoughby Contour Engineering Shepherd, MI
Thanks for help during a difficult time. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the men and women who helped with the fire of our business, June 11. We first would like to thank the Lincoln Township Fire Department and all of the surrounding fire departments who helped assist in the fire. Your professionalism and dedication to serving the community was very apparent in your hard work that day. Also, we appreciate the American Red Cross Disaster Services who provided drinks, smiles, and food donated from Culver's, McDonald's, and KFC to the grew and our family. We would like to commend our insurance agency Mt. Pleasant Agency/Kurt Feight for their quick response to our tragedy as we strive to rebuild our company. The meal that Kurt Feight and his office staff provided for our family during this stressful week went beyond what is expected of an insurance agent. We would also like to say thank you to our neighbors, friends, and family who extended their concern and support. Also, we appreciate the loyalty and determination of our employees, especially our supervisor, Shawn Fountain, who reacted quickly that day to help with the fire. This event has shown us once again that we are part of an extremely giving community. We truly feel blessed to be living and operating our business in the community of Shepherd.
I've searched for firms to protect my company and never found one as knowledgeable and organized as yours. In contractor terms, "You and your staff have your **** together!" Thank you from a man who thinks insurance is written in Greek. Dot and I really appreciate you all!
Rhonda Wernette Blanchard, MI
Mt. Pleasant Agency was very helpful and prompt.