Party & Equipment Rental Stores

Mt. Pleasant Agency – Central Insurance is among Michigan’s leading specialists for Party & Equipment Rental Store insurance. In fact, we’re in the top 5 insurance agencies in the entire nation when it comes to protecting equipment rental stores through the market-leading American Rental Association.

That’s important because many standard insurance companies limit what they can offer in terms of protection for a rental store, whereas ARA offers a full range of protections.

What Party and Equipment Rental Coverage Do I Need?

Your insurance requirements will be different from nearly every other equipment rental business but it will be built around a series of options we’ll explain and explore with you.

These might include:

  • General liability insurance for party and equipment rental stores and yards. This protects you against lawsuits alleging bodily injury or property damage arising from the equipment you rent out. It can be extended to cover liability while your customer has your equipment.
  • Property coverage. This is hugely important, protecting everything from your business premises, computers and furniture.
  • Equipment “floater” coverage. Sometimes referred to as “Inland Marine” or “all-risk”, this type of equipment rental insurance policy covers your property beyond standard property coverage. This can include property while it’s being transported and while it’s in the possession of your renter, no matter who is handling it and where it is locate. It also covers the equipment you rent out, from a table to a back-hoe. This coverage is offered at flexible replacement cost.
  • Workers compensation insurance – compulsory in Michigan and Ohio (but voluntary in Indiana).
  • Business auto coverage for your vans, trucks and trailers. It includes coverage for non-owned vehicles, leased vehicles, and rental vehicles used for your business.
  • Business disruption insurance – coverage if an insured peril impacts your business, causing you to lose income and profits.

Your custom Michigan party and equipment rental store insurance plan might require policies from more than one insurer but we’ll make sure it’s combined into a single package for you.

Managing Risk in Your Party and Equipment Rental Business

Who’s going to pay if a piece of equipment you rented out to someone fails, gets lost or broken, or results in an accident in which someone suffers bodily injury? That likely will depend on who’s to blame and the details of your rental agreement they signed. But while you resolve that, how can you ensure it doesn’t disrupt your business and cause problems?

Succeeding in the party and equipment rental business is actually all about risk management and making sure you’re properly protected against all the challenges that can pop up at any time.

And the most important step you can take in managing your risk is to be fully insured. At the same time, you don’t want to be paying to cover risks that don’t affect your business.

The solution: Call in the specialists in party and equipment rental store insurance at Mt. Pleasant Agency – Central Insurance.

We’ll provide you with customized top-quality, price-competitive coverage for your Michigan, Ohio or Indiana equipment rental business, tailored precisely for your needs.


Why Mt. Pleasant Agency – Central Insurance Is Your Solution

Terry Kunst with ARA President & CEO, Phillip Kelling

We’ve been providing insurance coverage for Michigan businesses (and beyond) for more than half a century and we’ve built up specialization in key niches like party and equipment rental stores.

For example, we have an excellent relationship with ARA, attending company meetings, conventions and other events, to stay in the know about hot topics and trends in the $50 billion equipment rental business.

We can provide straight-talking advice on risk management, help you with local regulatory requirements and provide support if you need to make a claim.

Furthermore, we are able to secure some of the best value coverage and to respond quickly to the needs of your changing business.

Free Consultation

In fact, you can put us to the test without any cost or obligation simply by getting in touch by calling us at 989-772-2977.

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